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Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Hale Industries provides services that are  a value added resource to building owners, real estate professionals and specific capital providers to increase CRE asset values by providing trade expertise and financing initiatives geared toward lowering ownership costs and increasing asset values.  The services provided by Hale Industries are specific to building owners seeking to implement sustainable energy efficiency measures that lower gas, electricity and water costs, provide alternative less costly energy generation or increases a facilities overall energy efficiency.


A detailed analysis prepared for the facilities manager to allow for better predictability of fixed building operating costs. By collection of data from energy usage components and compiling it into a single model, we
are able to develop a detailed analysis of current energy usage and timely energy efficiency opportunities.


Energy benchmarking is the starting point to reveal the capital improvements needed to increase operational efficiency and reduce energy costs. The Benchmarking process at Hale is designed to:

  • Analyze energy consumption by source and application
  • Track trends and rank energy performance
  • Identify conservation strategies
    Provide justification needed to plan improvements
  • Provide accurate data reports to management and owners
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Energy Modeling

Development of a facilities plan considering the impact of each energy usage component and its cost benefit to a facilities life cycle plan. The energy modeling process involves projecting the current annual and future costs of maintaining a building within its current state of improvement and upgrading a facility at its most efficient improved level.

  • Gain a better understanding of a building’s potential energy performance to gauge which design or retrofit solutions are cost effective and also provide the best energy conservation options for the facility.
  • Predict energy costs in advance in order to implement strategies for energy savings costs such as reducing day lighting and occupancy controls or increasing levels of insulation.
  • Provides energy savings clarification allowing for design changes that exceed minimum energy codes resulting in higher building efficiency.
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Energy Audit

Through state specific partnerships with accredited professional service providers, we will procure initial and ongoing “Facility Energy Audits” for facilities managers at their request based on program need and validation for all energy partners. The Audit is a hands on measured assessment of the energy improvements installed and operating at the time of Audit and provides the baseline to evaluate past and future efficiency improvements.

Level I

  • Executive Summary
  • Facilities Description
  • Scope of Audit/methodology
  • Prelim Analysis w/benchmarks
  • Guide to no cost energy energy improvement measures
  • Potential measures for further consideration

Level II

  • All items from Level I
  • Comprehensive energy end use analysis
  • Description of Building equipment & systems
  • Financial analysis of all all EEM’s
  • Description of recommended EE measures
  • Summary tables with measure name, installed cost, energy savings by utility and O&M cost savings
  • Capital intensive measures requiring a Level III Audit

Level III

  • All items from Level II
  • Energy use analysis with calculations
  • M&V plan for system verifications
  • Detailed information on all capital intensive measures including-schematics, equipment lists, specs, design sequences and costs
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